Belgium renovates for energy efficient living!

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De Grote Verbouwing Meet-ups and reports

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In conversation with Julien Baudoux

Just like the other two Belgian regions, the Walloon Region is moving to make the Walloon housing stock energy neutral together with its citizens.

In conversation with Joy Verstichele

To get everyone involved in the story of energy efficient renovation, you need to know their specific problems. This also applies to the rental sector.

In conversation with Charlotte van de Water

Agoria, the federation for technology companies in Belgium, offers organisations from various sectors solutions for, amongst others, regulations or...

[2021-04-22] Webinar ENLEB-event

Thursday 22 April from 9:30 to 11:30

The partners in the EnergieNeutraal Levensloopbestendig bouwen (ENLEB) project invite you to an online webinar in which the insights from the project are...